Our collagen products is a quick‚ easy‚ and effective way of reaping the benefits of supplemental collagen. Our bodies have the ability to create collagen naturally; as such‚ collagen plays a role in - and is a part of - numerous parts of our body‚ the most well-known of which is connective tissue.
Collagen is crucial for developing and maintaining the health and structure of our tendons‚ ligaments‚ and our skin.
Unfortunately‚ our body tends to produce less and less collagen as we age. Even more unfortunate is that this natural decrease in collagen is often seen and felt in our bodies i.e. we lose a bit of joint mobility‚ our skin begins to lose its integrity‚ flexibility‚ and more.
Collagen consists of a group of proteins with slightly different structures. Currently, 27 different types of collagen have been found, which are classified into type I collagen, type II collagen, and type I collagen according to the order of discovery. The most common type is type I. collagen.
Collagen is biologically active, insoluble in cold water and hot water, and cannot be used by proteases.
Therefore‚ by adding our collagen to your diet‚ you are not only directly providing your body with collagen‚ but you are also giving your body what it needs to aid in its own natural production of this crucial substance.
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