Canned Collagen

The canned collagen usually has a white appearance, and is easily digestible. It can lower blood triglycerides and cholesterol, and can increase certain essential trace elements in the body to maintain it within a relatively normal range. It is an ideal hypolipidemic food.
In addition, studies have shown that collagen can help eliminate aluminum in the body, reduce the accumulation of aluminum in the body and promote the growth of nails and hair to a certain extent.
Besides, our excellent collagen can induce T cells to produce immune tolerance, thereby inhibiting T cell-mediated autoimmune diseases.
1. Health care: Supplement the body needs of collagen, reduce the loss of collagen caused by disease, on the bone, skin, hair, teeth, etc. play a protective role.
2. Food supplement: Antioxidant, added to the food, not only to add collagen protein, but also to delay the deterioration of food.
3. Beauty care: Antioxidant, anti-aging, skin Moisture, skin whitening and anti wrinkle. As it is a powdery type, you dissolve it in juice or milk, and please have it. The collagen powder which suppresses the smell peculiar to a fish, and is hard to become the lump.
100% use fish collagen a small molecule. And you should occupy the cover well so that dust and hair do not enter after inner cover opening the can and you avoid temperature and a humid place and keep it, and please have it as soon as possible.
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