Collagen Granule

As low-molecular active protein is added to nutritional products as a source of protein, collagen granule has very good organoleptic properties and solubility (Wettability and dispersibility), which makes it get a very wide range of applications.
Using the world's leading advanced production technology, our raw material is made of non-polluting. High protein content, good taste. The protein content in more than 95%, and was pure white, easily dissolve in water.
The use of the world's leading bio-enzymatic technology (currently the highest technical standards), to obtain molecular weight and molecular weight less than 3000 Dalton neat collagen quality, can be fully absorbed by the body and a high degree of utilization.
Collagen granules are oral beauty skin care products. Collagen nutrients directly affect the deep and aging areas of the skin, inhibit the formation of melanin, scavenge free radicals, resist oxidation, restore cell viability, and stabilize the dermis structure.
Collagen contains a hydrophilic natural moisturizing factor, and the triple helix structure can lock 30 times of water, keeping the skin moist and supple! With the strong permeability to the skin, it can penetrate the stratum corneum and skin epithelial cells, participate in and improve the metabolism of skin cells, and strengthen the collagen activity in the skin.
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