Hydrolyzed Collagen Bovine

The bovine bone collagen peptide is a collagen peptide extracted from the bovine bone after two purifications. The molecular weight is more controllable, the relative molecular weight is more concentrated, and the bovine bone collagen peptide is more easily retained by the human body.
Collagen is a fibrous protein in bones that accounts for 90% of bone organic matter. It is a biological polymer substance that is important for maintaining bone toughness and providing bone nutrition. In the bone, the fibrous web composed of collagen also acts as a binding-like fixation.
When we’re young, a healthy amount of collagen sits between our joints, providing lubrication for easy movement. When this begins to break down, our joints become less oiled and can begin to grind together, causing pain and inflammation.
Luckily, studies show that hydrolyzed collagen bovine help reduce joint pain in athletes, while also stating collagen could prevent joint degeneration,helping reduce osteoarthritis pain while also acting as a promising treatment.
The body's natural ability to produce collagen and maintain hydration of the cells is significantly diminished after age 25.
Our hydrolyzed collagen bovine provides additional amounts of amino acids like glycine, lysine, and proline, which are specifically needed by the body to support connective tissue structure and maintain healthy cell function.
In conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise regimen it can significantly improve muscular development, healthy skin and joint flexibility.
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