Hydrolyzed Collagen Fish

Our products are of high protein content, low ash and heavy metal content, small molecular weight, easy absorption and utilization, high biological value, promoting absorption of vitamins and minerals. Our product also can accommodate physiological function of human as directed enzymolysis technology releases a lot of biologic peptides hidden in big molecular collagen.

The collagen of marine animals is obviously superior to the collagen of terrestrial animals in some aspects, such as low antigenicity, hypoallergenic and the like. Therefore, aquatic collagen may gradually replace terrestrial animal collagen. We are professional seller, All of product is real thing ,very good,very ,cheap and very fast shipping.

Hydrolyzed collagen fish utilizes the collagen in wild, deep sea fish such as cod, pollock and haddock. These skins are collected from food fish processors in Canada, the U.S. and Europe to provide quality raw material.
Prior to any extraction, the skins receive a lengthy wash with copious amounts of water. This step cleans the collagen and reduces the allergens to undetectable levels. It is only then that the collagen is ready to be hydrolyzed with a food grade acid and then further hydrolyzed with a food grade enzyme to break down the collagen’s molecular weights. No genetically modified materials are used in this product.

The hydrolyzed collagen fish is pure protein and is very water soluble with no off odor or taste. It can be used as a concentrated protein or additive for nutraceutical, cosmetic or food applications.
Fostered with a team of dexterous professionals, we have been able to offer hydrolyzed collagen fish for our valuable clients. Our factory is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in China. If you are going to buy customized bulk hydrolyzed collagen fish made in China or check the price and quotation, please feel free to contact Hangzhou Nutrition Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
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