4 types of collagen-rich foods to make the skin more and more smooth

- Feb 16, 2018 -

when you saw yourself skin dry and dull, each time can only be covered with skin care products. In fact, want the natural elasticity of the skin, smooth skin, may wish to eat more collagen-rich foods. In the daily diet, collagen is extracted through food, not only is the method simple and effective, but also allows the skin to naturally show a charming luster.

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Collagen-rich foods:

    1. pig's skin, pigskin and bones have a layer of viscous glue, so the taste is very soft, while eating very flexible, but also quite sticky, which is collagen. Collagen, to be specific, belongs to the protein family. It is a kind of biological polymer composed of 18 kinds of amino acids except tryptophan and cysteine and is very high in content. Collagen is the main component of human skin, bone, tendon, cartilage and blood vessels. Collagen is as high as 70% -80% in the skin, so collagen has a good moisturizing, nourishing, bright skin and tight Skin, wrinkle-free, repair and other effects.

    2,.collagen-rich foods are many, such as: chicken feet, pig tail, pigskin, trotters, turtles, fish and so on. Especially in animal skin, cartilage, collagen content higher.

    3.Collagen In addition to the common trotters, pork skin, collagen-rich foods include: beef tendons, chicken feet, chicken wings, chicken skin, skin, shark's fin and cartilage. These foods after cooking, cooling formed after the "meat jelly", "fish jelly" is the collagen after boiled water into a sol, and then cooling the gel formed.

    4. of course, collagen-rich foods also include the most important fish. The structural composition of fish collagen is the closest to the human body, is the most suitable and also the highest absorption rate of collagen. Deep-sea fish cartilage is also rich in fish collagen, therefore, the shark fin was ladies who used to nourish the skin is a certain truth.

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