Collagen is so special about

- Apr 27, 2016 -

Brighten: luster depends on the moisture content of the skin, deep sea fish collagen good water makes the skin shine, emitting a healthy glow.

Skin tightening: when deep sea fish collagen is absorbed through the skin, filling in between the DermIS of the skin, increase skin tightness, tension, refine pores, makes the skin taut and resilient!

Wrinkle: as collagen is the main protein of the skin, when the aging of skin wrinkles, and collagen can be used to improve, or even removed. Collagen skin care ingredients to an integrated structure of proteins, can effectively accelerate dermal cells growth, activate skin cells, keep skin elastic and strong, prevent wrinkles, making skin healthy and beautiful, detail and transparency.

Moisturizing: for deep skin collagen protein and skin horny layer structure of similar sex, added Yu cosmetics in the of collagen protein, they and skin has is good of affinity and compatible sex, can penetration into skin epidermal layer, can formed skin film, and protection skin, give skin moist and soft sex, prompted its fine hole contraction detailed; and and cuticle in the of water combined, formed mesh structure, lock live water, was skin absorption, up to natural moisturizing factor role, makes skin full, wrinkles stretch, effective prevent aging.

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