Collagen, traditional techniques, disadvantages:

- Jul 22, 2017 -

Collagen, traditional techniques, disadvantages:

(1) the extraction liquid volume is big, and the product production cycle is longer;

(2) the impurity of enzymatic hydrolysate is not thorough, which affects the quality of collagen;

(3) the finished products often have bitter smell and bad taste;

(4) the filtration level is rough, and the product is poor in water solubility;

(5) the content of salt is high, which affects the taste of the product; (6) the molecular weight distribution of the product is wide, which is harmful to the absorption of human body;

The company make full use of the advantages of membrane separation technology, the success of the application of extraction, separation, concentration and purification technology of membrane separation, technological transformation and innovation of traditional technology, is committed to the comprehensive enterprise to reduce production costs, improve product quality.

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