Difference between bovine collagen and fish collagen

- Jan 18, 2018 -

Different source

Bovine collagen is mainly extracted from the cartilage/skin of cattle, and fish collagen is mainly extracted from fresh deep sea codfish and  tilapia skins or scales.

 Different food security

Cattle live in a more polluted environment. There is no denying that there will be certain animal influenza or heavy metal.etc. Thus HALAL certificates are not available for most of bovine collagen. However, deep-sea fishes live in deep sea away from pollution, and there are no pathogens and heavy metal.Marine collagen with HALAL and KOSER certificates, Fish collagen for beauty or health is a safer choice.

Different Cost of material

Bovine collagen raw material is cheap,especially raw material from waste of leather products is very low,because sometimes  pigskin is usually mixed in material which can be identified by DNA test. However, fish collagen material from fresh deep-sea codfish or tolapia skins and scales, which cost is very high.

Different thermal denaturation temperature 

Thermal denaturation temperature of Bovine collagen is about 40℃ (104fahrenheit). And Bovine collagen peptide is not easy to be dissolved under low temperature.

(2)Thermal denaturation temperature of fish collagen is between 20℃~30℃ (68-86fahrenheit). Fish collagen is easy to be dissolved in neutral saline solution or slightly acidic solution under low temperature.

 So it can fully exert its functions of penetration, moisturizing and repairing.

Different roles

(1)Bovine collagen health effects: skin care, hair care, muscle, blood vessels, bones, eyes. Collagen is the life support of all animals.

(2) Fish collagen skin care functions: moisturizing, nutrition, skin lightening, firming, wrinkle-free, spot, repair, milk.etc

Fish collagen can improve brain and heart ,provide energy for sports, it is a health care supplements.

Notes:for eating or drinking collagen

1. Collagen eating,every day need 2-3grams and you’d better eat it before meal.

2. Drinking Collagen before you go to bed 2-3 hours is very beneficial to body.

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