What is the difference between collagen and fish collagen?

- Jan 02, 2018 -


1.produce different ways:

   (1) Collagen (Collagen), also known as collagen, is a three-peptide chain into the helical fibrous protein.

   (2) Fish collagen protein (polypeptide) is mainly extracted from the tilapia, cod fresh skin, fish scales by bio-enzyme directed shear technology, mainly collagen type I.

2, different functions: 

   (1) Collagen is an important protein of animal connective tissue, connective tissue in addition to containing 60 to 70% moisture, collagen accounted for about 20 to 30%. Because of the high content of collagen, connective tissue has a certain structure and mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, tension, elasticity, etc. in order to support and protect the function.

   (2) Fish collagen is rich in 19 kinds of amino acids, molecular weight between 2000 ~ 5000D length. With high digestion and absorption, this product has excellent thermal stability in aqueous solution and excellent affinity with human skin, so it can fully exert its functions of penetration, moisturizing and repairing.


(1) collagen health effects: skin care, hair care, muscle, blood vessels, bones, eyes. Collagen is the life support of all animals.

(2) Fish collagen skin care functions: moisturizing, nutrition, skin lightening, firming, wrinkle-free, spot, repair, milk

Note: The best way to eat fish collagen is as follows:

1, morning fasting time

Morning fasting food is conducive to the repair of the stomach, to achieve the skin at the same time, improve stomach and intestinal conditions.

2, one to two hours before going to bed

Before going to bed taking more conducive to the body's absorption of collagen, so that absorption to achieve the best value!


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