Female beauty must know what is collagen

- Apr 27, 2016 -

Gelatine original protein (more peptide) main is from tilapia, and cod fresh skin, and scales in the through biological enzyme directed shear technology extraction, main for I type collagen protein, products is rich in 19 species amino acids, molecular volume in 2000~5000D length Zhijian, has is high of Digest absorption sex, this products in water solution in the of hot stability very good, and human skin has very good of affinity sex, can is good of play its penetration, and moisturizing, and repair, function.

We'll look at what collagen on the market today:

1, from the animals (pigs, cattle, the majority) extraction of collagen of skin and bone

Due to the absorption of collagen extracted from the animal have some limitations as well as mad cow disease, foot and mouth disease and highly pathogenic infectious disease such as bird flu fears this more traditional approach which mainly extracted collagen from fish in the world.

2, extracted from fish scale collagen

Fish scale collagen extracted in the world today with mostly tilapia since tilapia grow mainly in high-temperature freshwater and more tenacious vitality in captivity grows much more quickly than deep-sea fish which greatly reduced the cost of raw material for extraction of fish collagen is also a popular collagen.

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