Fish collagen sources and application

- Apr 25, 2017 -

For thousands of years ladies and gentlemen, have searched for a Woman taking Natural Collagen bathmiracle panacea to retard the process of ageing, specifically the gradual degeneration, through wrinkling, of the skin.

Many other efforts have tried to stem the symptoms of ageing, sadly to no avail.

In the early 90s, researchers discovered the specific values of collagen, obtained from certain fish by-products. They examined two methods of obtaining collagen. Firstly, from all of the fish by-product and secondly, extraction of the collagen from the fish skins only by using an acidic polysaccharide derived from plant tissue.

This methodology was further improved. A substantial research effort indicated that special filtering was the most advantageous method for improving the results. It was found that using a unique fibrous silk filtration method, a collagen of triple helix structure could be obtained in substantial quantities.

This type of collagen is especially suited for supplement Collagen food and cosmetic preparations raw materail.

tuation is very different.

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