Garbage into gold fish scale collagen

- Apr 27, 2016 -

Worship geographical by gave, various fish in Tainan, is quite common of cuisine material, from fish head, and fish, and Fish Maw, and eggs, even fish liver, and fish intestinal, are is in to of Palace cuisine, but is located in mountain road of fish of Xiang, is another PI trail, will fish scales processing, manufacture into full collagen protein of scales frozen, will originally to was discarded of material, conversion into high economic food material, can said is alternative of Taiwan odd miracle.

Head Li Qiongtai said, business fish cuisine for decades years, daily are to processing large scales, originally also not think has what so special, but years Qian accidentally opportunities in the, learned that scales can processing manufacture into collagen protein Hou, a planted into research, due to has practice experience, often contact various different fish, so attempts to to various different fish scales manufacture for collagen protein, but, because scales impurities easily removal, just began Shi, manufacture into of collagen protein also is not off fishy taste, cannot let people accept.

After consulting with experts and scholars, repeated studies, found the use of enzyme method for resolving fish-like smell, and handling of different species, through manufacturing the length of time, the quantity to be used are also different, manufacture of collagen has a different color and density.

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