How should we identify collagen?

- Apr 27, 2016 -

All marine collagen powder must be uniformly name "ocean fish oligo-peptide powder"

Collagen powder classes since May 1, 2012 national standard a mandatory requirement, the production of sea fish collagen powder dated after May 1, 2012, the standard name must be "ocean fish oligo-peptide." In other words, if you buy the production of sea fish collagen dated after May 1, 2012, but have not called "ocean fish oligo-peptide" this name, then it is not in line with national standards, product quality cannot be guaranteed.

Second, all "marine fish oligo-peptide" must be based on marine fish as raw material to produce

Standard 3rd 1th stipulates that marine fishes of oligo-peptide powder is referred to as "marine fish skin, bones or fish as raw material, enzyme production, relative molecular mass less than 1000 tonnes of oligo-peptides (peptides) as the main ingredient of powdered products. "Here, the marine fishes mainly refers to the deep-sea cod; and hand-feeding fish, animal bones, skin produce collagen powder, with marine collagen powder has made all the difference. Consumer products are purchased in order to confuse, and product composition can see.

Third, the "marine fishes of oligo-peptide" molecular mass less than 1000

Standards, marine collagen molecule weight must be less than 1000, and can satisfy this quality of small molecules called "Oligopeptides". Provisions of demanding materials, molecular weight, enough to make all those shoddy, eclipsed in front of authoritative standards.

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