How to distinguish fish collagen powder

- Feb 16, 2018 -

1.analysis of pure powder collagen.

The real collagen powder is snow white. Smell, but very light.

Fish collagen powder: white and faint smell of snow Acceptable taste powder Very delicate

Pig cow collagen powder: a little white hair pale light odor powder exceptionally delicate

If you buy the so-called pure collagen powder is not the above colors, especially light yellow, smells heavy stench, it is recommended that you do not buy, if you have already purchased, do not continue to take. to check pure collagen powder

Take a transparent cup of room temperature water, I said is room temperature water, 10-15 degrees. After that, still a spoonful of collagen powder directly into the other 10 minutes, if you do not need to stir all can be dissolved, there is no floating objects, there is no sediment. In this case, congratulations, you buy is pure collagen powder. If you choose non-transparent cup, pure collagen powder dissolved in water, when the concentration exceeds 5%, the aqueous solution was light yellow.

Now there are a lot of collagen products, that they are pure powder, but it is recommended that the purchaser with 60 degrees or less, or even 100 degrees below the water Chong Chong. This in itself is wrong, high temperature will kill the active ingredients in collagen. They asked to dissolve at high temperatures to cover up the product's additives.

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