How to distinguish quality of the collagen?

- Aug 02, 2018 -

How to distinguish quality of the collagen?

First, look at the color of collagen

The high quality of collagen is milky white and the powder granules are even and delicate. If the color is yellow, it is generally indicated that the purity of collagen is not enough. If the color is too white, it means that bleach may be used.

Second, smell the taste

Most of the collagen on the market is extracted from pigs, cattle skin and ordinary sea fish. This kind of high quality collagen usually has a faint scent of bone, no other odor. The advanced collagen protein is extracted from the non-polluted deep-sea fish skin and slightly fishes after being dissolved in water. There is too much fishy smell, which indicates that the raw materials may have problems or add other substances.

Third, see the water solubility

High quality collagen powder can be dissolved rapidly in warm water. The collagen after dissolution has no precipitates and impurities. If there is an oily float in the water, it indicates that it contains fat; if there is precipitation in the water, it indicates that the purity of collagen is not high.

Fourth, look at the ingredients

When buying collagen, we should choose products with high content of effective amino acids, such as hydroxyproline , glycine, lysine, and so on as effective amino acids to promote the synthesis of collagen in human body. High quality collagen products have higher amino acid content. We should know that high quality collagen should not contain antibiotics, cholesterol, fat, heavy metals, preservatives and other harmful substances.

Fifth, see the certification

Whether tablets, capsules or oral liquids, if it is High quality collagen products , it must have a certified health food certificate number, or a QS certificate.

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