Is collagen powder really good for your skin?

- Jun 17, 2017 -

Eating collagen, skin care practices are very popular, but in fact, oral collagen has three insurmountable barriers, destined it can only be a beautiful legend. First of all, after oral administration of collagen in the intestinal tract, will be decomposed into two amino acids or peptides, three peptides can be absorbed, then they no longer have a unique structure and function of collagen, with no difference from fish eggs and milk and other food proteins. Second, even if a small amount of collagen or collagen peptide is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, it is also difficult to transport normally to the skin in the bloodstream. At present, proteins or peptides that are known to digest completely into the bloodstream in the digestive tract are primarily allergic reactions, not physiological functions. Finally, in time, collagen or its molecules are delivered to skin cells and are not directly used by cells to synthesize collagen. The raw materials used in skin synthesis are free amino acids, not two peptides, three peptides or peptides, and are not directly utilized by proteins. In clinical practice, in order to supplement a certain protein directly in the body, it should be injected directly into the blood and not through the gastrointestinal tract. As for some people, oral collagen does feel that the quality of the skin has improved. It is likely that other ingredients in the product, such as vitamin E or other hormones, may even be a placebo.

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