Is collagen really good for your skin?

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Is collagen really good for your skin?

Women are now skin care, what are the makeup? The answer is collagen. Now, collagen, already from a pure protein component, has become the new darling of the skin care industry -- about 70% of the skin is composed of collagen, so the collagen is the skin firm and elastic, grasp whether the body appearance is key young. Many foreign brands have oral collagen products, such as FANCL, H2O, DHC and so on. The concept is: collagen gold combination support + support (oral collagen powder + topical collagen mask, eye mask, facial supplement on the basis of strengthening strengthen eye collagen, collagen) than other superior effect!

Collagen is called "bone in bone, skin in the skin" - Dr. Brant, the father of collagen, once said, "the process of skin aging is the process of losing collagen."."

Why does collagen play such an important role in the maintenance of the skin?

1. moisturizing. Collagen contains a hydrophilic natural moisturizing factor;

2. nourish. The permeability of active collagen to the skin is strong, it can maintain the water and fiber structure of the stratum corneum integrity, improve the living environment of skin cells and promote the metabolism of skin tissue;

3. bright skin. The luster of the skin depends on the water content, the good water holding capacity of the collagen, the skin's moisturizing and glossy, and its radiant luster;

4. firming. When collagen is absorbed by the skin, it is filled between the skin and dermis, increasing the tightness of the skin, producing skin tension, reducing pores, and making the skin tense and elastic;

5. wrinkle resistant. Dermal collagen rich layer, the skin cells propped up, combined with moisturizing and inhibition of wrinkles role, together to stretch coarse lines, dilute the effect of fine lines;

6. repair. The active collagen can penetrate into the bottom of the skin directly, and has good affinity with the surrounding tissues. It can help the cells to make collagen and promote the normal growth of the skin cells.

Collagen essence powder to solve women after the age of 25 due to the loss of collagen and appearance gradually old problem: fundamentally children, lack of sleep, diet, smoking and drinking, the seasons, solar radiation, dust, environmental pollution, psychological pressure...... All this will result in an increase of free radicals in the body. With the increase of age, the antioxidant system function decline, free radical scavenging ability drops, cause accumulation of free radicals, activation of matrix metalloproteinases (MMP), MMP activity increased, a large number of dermal collagen decomposition. The skin loses elasticity, no gloss, even spots and bumpy, enlarged pores, spots, wrinkles......

The essence of women's skin care is to supplement collagen.

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