Is oral collagen really effective?

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Is oral collagen really effective?

Now, whether it is first-line actress or the general public are deeply aware of the importance of collagen on the skin, and many beauty brands have launched oral class of collagen products. So will these collagen really work on your skin? Can it really be absorbed?

What is collagen?

Collagen is a very important protein in the human body, mainly in connective tissue. It has strong stretching ability, it is the main component of ligament and muscle key, and collagen is still the main component of extracellular matrix. It keeps the skin elastic, while the aging of collagen wrinkles the skin. Collagen is also a major component of the eye cornea, but is composed of crystalline forms.

Oral collagen protein really will be absorbed by the skin?

The market good collagen products using biological enzymolysis technology, polymer collagen decomposition is not easy to be absorbed by human body, to make it into a small molecular weight collagen peptide, human body can directly absorb, to achieve more effective absorption and utilization.

The collagen peptide has proved, in the way of collagen peptide can be directly absorbed into the blood and throughout the body, will be deposited in the skin collagen rich tissues, and by using autologous skin, collagen synthesis.

What kind of collagen is easier to absorb?

Oral collagen usually has four forms: oral liquid, tablet, injection, powder and powder for external use.

1. injection refers to the cosmetic industry in the use of collagen injection, mainly for local use, is a direct complement to collagen, the most efficient and convenient approach;

2. the collagen content in the tablet is less than that of other types.

3. powder type collagen is the most stable, no need to add any anti-corrosion ingredients, the safety is better, but usually bad taste.

4. liquid collagen protein takes the most convenient, the mouthfeel is also better, the price is also more expensive.

5., the external type of collagen is usually added to skin care products, the direct smear on the skin to protect and anti-aging effect, but this effect is temporary, and will not transform into its own collagen.

Collagen should be paid attention to when choosing and taking:

1., the choice of oral collagen products, flavor should not be too strong, low sweetness is more conducive to health; relatively young people do not have to choose products containing soy extract collagen products.

2., women generally need about 45000mg protein per day, too much intake will burden our kidneys. If you are a vegetarian diet, you can choose products with higher collagen content; if you are a regular diet balanced person, the choice of collagen content of 5000mg is enough.

3. select the molecular weight of 3000 Dalton oral collagen products, because the molecular weight of collagen products is the most active, the best absorption effect.

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