Market diffusion of collagen products

- Aug 16, 2018 -


As a potential product, why has the overall market for collagen been pessimistic over the past few years? A survey two years ago randomly asked a woman what was collagen? The answers were mostly accurate: good for the skinIt was part of the skin that can be used for beauty. But as you continued to ask in depth, everything became blurred.

1. What skin problems can be specifically solved? - 60% of people said it was unclear.

2. What is the relationship with daily skin care? - 80% didn't know.

3. When do you take it? - 90% of people didn't know or guessed the answer.

At that time, whether it was international or domestic, the spread of collagen products did not always have a pragmatic positioning. International products show beautiful paintings and stars, but there was no effective straightforward display to solve what problems; and many domestic collagen products, according to the traditional medicine and health care products, mentality impetuous to use collagen as a panacea to speculate, just for women Consumers lack temptation. One is high, and the other is scary. The result is that consumers think "collagen I know, but I don't need it."

There are many product opportunities in the Chinese market, but due to the lack of scientific communication guidance, many products are still in a state of unfamiliar consumption, and haven’t real sales potential done. Collagen is in the typical stage of mature market consumption.

In better market operations, collagen is positioned as "a regular skin care product for women." "Female regular skin care products" means that collagen is a skin care product for a variety of skin problems, meaning that collagen can be part of everyday basic skin care. Clearly define when and what people use, collagen has established a clear relationship with consumption habits, and has its own foothold; the correct strategic positioning, so that collagen jumps out of the narrow market space, clears its broad and promising world. Such market communication is a good practice worth learning from.

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