Raw collagen and human health

- Jan 14, 2018 -

Collagen is an important component of human body, bone, cartilage, muscle, blood vessels, etc. It plays an important role in a series of physiological functions of human body and has the reputation of "bone in bone, meat in meat, skin in skin" , Can be used in many foods as functional substances and nutrients, with other materials incomparable superiority.
As the world's population ages and the number of obese people increases, three major health problems: osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and weight management become increasingly prominent. Due to the excellent function of hydrolyzed collagen in these areas, its scope of application More and more widely.
Health Function Applications:
Promote joint and bone health
Weight control
Boost the immune system
improve sleeping
Blood pressure control
Protect the gastric mucosa
Protect the eyes
A wide range of processing patterns:
Granules, tablets, capsules, oral liquids, powders, beverages and the like
Good food application performance:
Food nutrition enhancer
Emulsifying properties
Moisture retention agent
Surfactants and so on

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