Why does the collagen you drink have no effect?- fish collagen for you

- Jan 02, 2018 -

     There are many types of collagen, what kind of collagen is the most beneficial to the human body? Fish collagen composition is close to human body structure, It is easily identified as body tissue collagen to absorp.Fish collagen mainly extracted from deep-sea fish skins scales and cartilages, etc. Therefore, ladies eat shark fin to nourish the skin is indeed a scientific truth. In addition, in order to better release of food collagen, with stewing, boiling and soup cooking method best.

    It should be noted that, we can obtain collagen through tonic,  and eat some oranges, carrots, tomatoes, grapes and other anti-oxidation foods to reduce free radical damage to collagen . At the same time, collagen-rich foods often contain some fat, It is very necessary to cook with some onions, cauliflower, celery and pumpkin with hypolipidemic effect of vegetables.

Eat so many years of collagen, and ultimately identified deep-sea fish collagen, food is the most effective  Fish collagen is  low molecular weight ,only 500 Dalton; and can be used as cosmetic additives, it can be absorbed easily by body. Its also Contains a number of hydrophilic groups, excellent moisture factors and balances the moisture of the collagen. Besides, its activity is higher than other similar products several times; long half-life, which is a   long-acting oligopeptide collagen!

HNB® Fish collagen peptide is extracted from codfish by advanced biotechnology. Its collagen peptide technology was supported by Zhejiang Province government in 2012 as key project and made fish collagen peptide become a high quality protein for universal. This project was recognized as outstanding contribution to the industry development. And in 2014, the company honored a top award by China National Government.

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