The difference between collagen powder and collagen peptide

- Aug 09, 2018 -

The difference between collagen powder and collagen peptide

Over the past decade, food ingredients related to "collagen" and various food and health food have gradually appeared in the Chinese market, showing a hot trend. With the appearance of various collagen products such as collagen powder, oral liquid, tablet, capsule and facial mask, many consumers are confused about the concept of collagen powder and collagen peptide.

Although collagen powders and collagen peptides are both collagen in nature, their molecular weight sizes are quite distinct, and this is often the most important point in differentiating them.

In addition, there are great differences in absorption. Scientific research shows that the collagen in food is mostly macromolecular protein, whose structure is very stable, and the absorption efficiency of human body is very low. The absorption efficiency of macromolecular collagen is less than 5%, and some collagen powder is also macromolecular protein, so consumers need to pay special attention.

Collagen peptide is a kind of low molecular weight peptide substance prepared from collagen by advanced enzyme technology. The average molecular weight is 1,000 DA, which is really fitted to the human body, and the absorption rate is greatly increased, reaching over 95%.

 In particular, the collagen peptide products produced by Hangzhou Nutrition biotechnology co., LTD. The extracted peptide powder has high biological activity, and the ultrafine powder has reached the level of ultrafine nanometer, which can be dissolved rapidly, convenient for human body to absorb, and improve the utilization rate of the collagen products.

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