The difference between liquid collagen and collagen powder

- Apr 27, 2016 -

Needs to be emphasized is that same product containing collagen, liquid and powdery but there is an essential difference. Counting launch is not difficult to find similar products on the market, basically is a powdered product, and has the effect of liquid beverages needed more sophisticated technologies and relying on solid strength. Scientific tests have shown that, liquid collagen drink is not only convenient, it's more easily absorbed. Sea fish collagen oligopeptide drinks, sea fish collagen oligopeptide fruit drinks can ensure the absorption of 100% series to actually realize the fundamentally human collagen protein supplement of the desired effect.

For reached on products quality of excellence, attitude beauty Hall biological technology limited company introduced Germany imports super high temperature instantaneous sterilization machine, and Taiwan imports automatic Trinity machine and four paragraph type automatic spray got cooling machine, international leading equipment, to conscience for scale, to most advanced of production process Science ratio, and most excellence of rigorous attitude and international first-class of science standard, for needed added collagen protein of women give most warm of care, meet General women Detox NET yan, and Shu Xinrun yan, and inverse age complex yan of demands.

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