The role of fish collagen

- Feb 08, 2018 -

1.the difference between proteins, peptides, oligopeptides:

Fish collagen can be subdivided into: macromolecular collagen and collagen peptide, usually we eat trotters glial, which contains collagen,but it is a macromolecular protein, the molecular weight of 300,000 Daltons Above, and can not be directly absorbed by the body, and the absorption rate is very low; and by acid, alkali and cut technology to control the molecular weight of 6000 Dalton within the collagen, called collagen peptide, peptide is between amino acids and Between macromolecular proteins, two or more amino acids are dehydrated and condensed to form several peptide bonds to form a peptide. Multiple peptides are folded in multiple stages to form a protein molecule. Peptide is a precise protein fragment, its molecules only nano-size, gastrointestinal, blood vessels and skin easily absorbed, the absorption rate is much higher than the macromolecular protein.

2.the properties of peptides and oligopeptides:

Collagen peptides with a molecular weight of 6000 Daltons are further divided into polypeptides of 1000-6000 daltons and oligopeptides of 1000 Daltons, or short peptides, tripeptides, oligopeptides and the like. Generally oligopeptides contain two to nine amino acids, according to the number of different amino acids in the peptide also has a different address: from two amino acid molecules dehydration condensation compounds called dipeptide, the same analogy also tripeptide, four Peptides, pentapeptides, etc., until nonapeptide; usually from 10 to 50 amino acid dehydration condensation of compounds called peptides, more recognized in the world of Japan's collagen.

3.Since the oligopeptide has been confirmed to be directly absorbed by human body, oligopeptide technology has mushroomed start to develop, the world's top technology is recognized as Japan's "long-acting oligopeptide" technology, its top microencapsulation Technology, but also for experts from all countries marvel.

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