What are causes of the collagen loss?

- Aug 22, 2018 -

 What are causes of the collagen loss?(Part I)

Female/male over 20 years old with unbalanced water and oil secretion, large pores, and blackhead and acne marks.


More than 30 years old, especially women after childbirth, collagen loss is severe, skin is loose and inelastic, wrinkles appear around the eyes, and the skin is rough and dark yellow.


Long-term smoking in men/women, smoking will lead to an increase in matrix metalloproteins in the body, this substance will cause great damage to collagen, causing dry skin. For smokers, it is especially important to supplement collagen.


White-collar workers who use computers for a long time, computer radiation causes the skin to be dull and dull, and collagen has good rehydration and radiation resistance.


Women/men who work hard and often stay up all night, lack adequate sleep, dry skin, fine lines and dark circles. Supplementing collagen can increase skin hydration.


Menopausal women aged 45-55, during menopause, collagen is lost, skin color is uneven, and wrinkles are deepened.


In the elderly who need calcium supplementation, collagen can enhance the absorption of calcium and prevent osteoporosis.

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