What is collagen recipe

- Apr 27, 2016 -

Has good support in the collagen in the skin, can make the skin look very rich. In addition, it is better able to absorb all around water; when covered in skin, but also prevent water evaporation from the surface, moisturizing effects are significant. Therefore, in our daily diet, eat more high-gum food, to increase the elasticity of the skin, maintain luster, help delay skin aging.

Recommendation NO.1 Trotter

Recommended reasons:

Beauty anti aging

As beauty clergyman, Trotter is rich in collagen proteins, but lower in fat than fat. It can prevent skin dried and wrinkled, enhance skin elasticity and toughness, on anti-aging and promote the growth and development of children is of special significance.

Recommendation NO.2 skin

Recommended reasons:

Beauty skin care

Fish is rich in protein and many trace elements, proteins are the molecules of collagen and proteoglycan components, collagen good water makes the skin smooth and glossy, disseminate a healthy glow, it is beauty skin care and beauty to share and care,

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