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- Sep 06, 2018 -

Food health care

1. It can prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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Studies have shown that collagen can reduce blood triglycerides and cholesterol, and can increase the body's lack of some essential trace elements, so that it can be maintained in a relatively normal range, is an ideal diet and lipid-lowering food.

Collagen is also unique in helping the body to remove aluminum and reducing its accumulation in the body. Aluminum is harmful to human body. Research shows that Alzheimer's disease is related to the intake of aluminum. Collagen has the effect of accelerating hemoglobin and erythrocyte formation. It can improve circulation and is beneficial to coronary heart disease and ischemic encephalopathy.

2. It can be used as a calcium supplement.

Hydroxyproline, the characteristic amino acid of collagen, is the carrier of calcium from plasma to bone cells. Osteoclast is the binder of hydroxyapatite, which together with hydroxymidine forms the main body of bone. Therefore, as long as the intake of enough collagen protein, you can ensure that the normal body calcium intake, collagen can be made into calcium supplement health food.

3. Use of special groups

The root cause of gynecological diseases is endocrine disorders, collagen can improve gynecological diseases, and menopausal women need more collagen to supply the body needs, so that menopausal women can face all kinds of discomfort more easily.

Collagen contains a large amount of glycine in the body, not only participate in the synthesis of collagen, but also in brain cells is a central nervous inhibitory transmitter, to produce a sedative effect on the central nervous system, anxiety, neurasthenia and other good therapeutic effects of collagen food, in the stomach can inhibit protein due to stomach The coagulation effect caused by acid action is conducive to digestion of food and inhibits the secretion of gastric acid and gastrogen enzyme. It can relieve the pain of patients with gastric ulcer and promote the healing of gastric ulcer.

Collagen is the body's immune system responsible for the important function of amoeba cells to clean foreign body perceptron, so it is very helpful to prevent disease.

4. Use as food additives

In meat products, gelatin, a hydrolysate of collagen, is used as a meat improver. By breaking the hydrogen bonds in the molecules of collagen, the original tight superhelix structure of collagen is destroyed. The formation of a relatively loose structure of small molecules, added to meat products can improve the tenderness of connective tissue, so that it has good quality; increase protein content, both good taste and nutrition. Meu Uenet et al. showed that sausages with 2% collagen and 20% water had the best sensation, texture and taste (lubrication). At the same time, collagen has good dyeing properties as other proteins. According to the needs of the products, it can be dyed with red yeast and other edible pigments similar to the peach red muscle tissue, so that consumers can easily accept it.

5. Frozen food

Gelatin can be used as a modifier for frozen food, as a gelling agent, its melting point is low, easy to dissolve in hot water, with the characteristics of instant melting at the entrance, often used as food jelly, food jelly, jelly and so on. In the production of ice cream and ice cream, the addition of appropriate amount of gelatin can prevent the formation of coarse grain ice crystals, maintain fine structure and reduce the dissolution rate. The amount of gelatin used in ice cream is generally 0.25%~0.60%.

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6. Drinks

Fish gum is internationally recognized as the most advanced gel clarifier, in the beer and wine industry, fish gum and gelatin as sedimentation, clarifier, can achieve very good results, product quality is very stable. Thickening agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers and clarifying agents are also used in fruit wine brewing. In the production of tea beverage, gelatin can prevent the turbidity caused by long-term storage of tea beverage and improve the quality of tea beverage.

7. Dairy products

It can be widely used in neutral milk beverage, acidic milk beverage, fresh milk, yoghurt and other liquid dairy products towel. It has the effect of anti-whey precipitation, emulsification and stability. It can also be added to milk powder. It can not only improve the nutritional value of milk powder, but also enhance the functionality of milk powder, accelerate bone development, enhance intelligence, and improve the immunity of the body.

8, cakes and sweets

It can be added to bread with the addition of 3%-5%, which can prolong the aging time of bread, increase the volume of bread and bread softness. Gelatin can absorb water and support the skeleton, and its particles can be dissolved in water. It can interweave into a network structure. After coagulation, sugar and water can be filled, so that soft candies can maintain a stable form, withstand large loads will not deformation, improve the nutritional value of candies, can develop low-calorie candies.

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