Chemical Reactions Of Amino Acids

- Sep 15, 2018 -

Chemical reactions of amino acids

Amino reaction

Acylation reaction:

Reaction with nitrite:

Reaction with aldehydes:

Sulfonylation reaction:

Reaction with DNFB:

Salt formation reaction:

Carboxyl Group Reactions

The carboxyl group of amino acids, like other organic acids, can undergo acylation, esterification, decarboxylation and salt formation under certain conditions.

Acylation reaction:

Esterification reaction:

Decarboxylation reaction:

Salt formation reaction:

Hydrin three ketone reaction

Alpha-amino acids and ninhydrin were co-heated in weak acidic solution, then dehydrated and decarboxylated to form aminolidine-ninhydrin, and then reacted with hydrated ninhydrin to form purple red and finally blue substance. This color reaction is often used for colorimetric determination of alpha amino acids and chromogenic analysis.

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