Collagen And Collagen Collagen Profiles

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Collagen and collagen collagen profiles

What is collagen?

Collagen (collagen) is one of the most abundant protein in the human body, the total body protein 25%~33%, it all over the body organs, such as skin, bone, cartilage, ligament, cornea, various endometrial, fascia, is to maintain the main component of skin and tissue and organ morphology and structure. Therefore, collagen plays an important role in the health and beauty of human body. It has the functions of firming, wrinkling, moisturizing, restoring elasticity, erect and flexible joints, preventing stretch marks and so on.

When women are 20 years old, collagen has started to lose, and the content has dropped year by year. After 25 years old, it has gone into the peak period of loss. At the age of 40, it is less than half of the age of 18. In the skin, collagen is responsible for providing elasticity and firmness of the skin and acting as a "deep reservoir" to provide moisture to the epidermis. The loss of collagen leads to dry, rough, loose, wrinkled, large pores, dull, stain and other aging phenomenon. It can be said that the process of skin aging is the process of losing collagen. Therefore, after 20 years of age, women should pay attention to collagen supplement.

Collagen classification

1, according to the number of amino acids classification (average molecular weight)

The average molecular weight of an amino acid is about 128 Dalton [D]. Two amino acids, about 250D, are two peptides.

Peptide: a class of molecules between amino acids and proteins. End to end is called the two amino acid peptide, the peptide bond connection called peptide chain, according to the number of amino acid peptide composition become "a few" such as two amino acid peptide, a peptide called "two peptides" (such as carnosine), three amino acid peptide called "three peptide (such as glutathione peptide of four amino acids), a peptide called" four peptides ", and so on, five, six, seven peptide peptide peptide...... Ten peptide...... Fifteen peptide...... Etc..

Nano Oligopeptide: small peptide Collagen, refers to the ultra low molecular weight peptide, only by the high active peptide 2 ~ 4 amino acids (two, three, four peptide peptide peptide), molecular weight is 180 ~ 480D, referred to as nano collagen oco.

Oligo peptide: Oligopeptide, means that the number of amino acids is less than 10 peptides (two peptides, three peptides, four peptides, five peptides, six peptides, seven peptides, eight peptides, nine peptides, ten peptides), and the molecular weight is generally below 1000D. Small peptides are ultra low molecular weight peptides in oligopeptides.

Polypeptide: peptide having a molecular weight greater than 1000D and less than 10000D.

Protein: peptide having a molecular weight greater than 10000D. Such as soy protein, tens of thousands of molecular weight, collagen, molecular weight of more than ten to three hundred thousand, and so on. 2. Classification according to the structure

Collagen is a family of proteins. More than 30 kinds of collagen chain coding genes have been found. More than 16 collagen molecules can be formed. According to their distribution and functional characteristics in vivo. At present, collagen is divided into interstitial collagen, basement membrane collagen and peripheral collagen. The interstitial collagen molecules account for most of the collagen in the whole body. Including I, II and III type collagen molecules, which are distributed in the skin, tendons, and other organizations, including collagen type II produced by chondrocytes; basement membrane collagen usually refers to type IV collagen. It is mainly distributed in basement membrane; cell cycle usually refers to collagen type V collagen. Abound in connective tissue.

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