Collagen and human body relationship

- Sep 06, 2018 -

Collagen and bone

Seventy to eighty percent of the organic matter in the skeleton is collagen. When bone is formed, sufficient collagen fibers must be synthesized to form the framework of the skeleton. Therefore, some people call collagen the skeleton in bones.

Collagen fibers have great toughness and elasticity. If a long bone is compared to a concrete column, then collagen fibers are the steel frame of the column, and the lack of collagen, like the use of inferior steel bars in buildings, is at risk of breaking. NO.2: The key to the health of collagen and hair lies in the nutrition of the underlying subcutaneous tissue of the scalp. Collagen in the dermis is the nutrition supply station for the epidermis and its appendages, mainly hair and nails. Lack of collagen, dry and split hair, nails easily broken, dark and luster.

Collagen and muscle

Collagen is not a major component of muscle tissue, but it is closely related to muscle growth. Collagen supplementation promotes growth hormone secretion and muscle growth in growing adolescents. For adults who want to maintain their shape, they need collagen to build healthy muscles.

Collagen and weight loss

Losing weight requires burning fat (catabolism), and hydrolyzing collagen can increase and prolong this catabolism, burning more fat to achieve weight loss. And the collagen repair function of cells will consume a lot of heat energy, this function will consume a lot of heat energy, this function must be in sleep, so take hydrolyzed collagen, sleep can lose weight, easy to lose weight dream come true.

Collagen and breast enhancement

The role of collagen in breast enhancement has long been well known. Breast is mainly composed of connective tissue and adipose tissue, and the tall and plump breast largely depends on the support of connective tissue, collagen is the main component of connective tissue, "in connective tissue collagen and polysaccharide protein often interwoven into a network structure, resulting in a certain mechanical strength, is the carrier of human body curvature. The line reflects the material foundation of tall and straight posture.

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