collagen juice drink

- May 28, 2016 -

collagen juice drink takes the collagen that is extracted from deep sea fish as the main raw material, and conjugates with high quality supplementary ingredients (Fruit Enzyme and natural syrup etc. ).

Supplementary Ingredients: water, fish collagen, Peach juice,Apple juice,Fruits and vegetables baking powder

Effective Ingredients: collagen, Pectin,Vitamin C, β- carotene

Health Care Function: Beauty Treatment (Keeping the moisture and elasticity of skin, postponing the skin consenescence), Strengthen bones.

Specification: 30 ml
Shelf Life: 18 months
Storage: Keep sealed in a cool and dry place.
Using Methods and Dosage: Directly oral drink or dilute it with twice water. Drink it after breakfast and supper. Two bottles a day. Three or four bottles a day is good for the weak and the poor diet.
Time of Taking Effect: After continuously drinking it for one week, the heath status will look up obviously.

The Suitable: Everyman may take it, especially fit for skin pachylosis and desiccation/wrinkle, and the people of high work and nervous pressure.

Unsuitable For: Nobody.

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