Collagen Membrane Separation Advantage:

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Collagen membrane separation advantage:

(1) the energy consumption of the three stage membrane filtration is low, only 30% of the heat concentration, so as to save the cost for the enterprise;

(2) membrane equipment is easy to operate, small footprint, automatic operation and convenient maintenance;

(3) it can expand well and realize the demand of industrial expansion;

(4) one, two level membrane filtration, to improve the quality and taste of collagen;

(5) membrane filtration at the same time, inorganic salt solution and prolapse of the enzymolysis, bitter flavor and reduce pesticide residues;

(6) shorten production cycle, deduct Commission, production efficiency;

(7) two stage membrane filtration can make the product molecular weight classification, and be easy to absorb by the human body and increase the added value of the product;

(8) concentration at room temperature, the biological activity of protein is not affected.

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