Collagen Membrane Separation Process:

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Collagen membrane separation process:

Enzymolysis liquid, fine filtration, membrane filtration, level two level three level of membrane filtration, membrane filtration, spray drying, a major membrane filtration to remove activated carbon, macromolecules, suspended solids and other impurities, through the liquid is clear and transparent, good color; two stage membrane filter is mainly used for molecular collagen peptide content classification, according to different demand can be collagen peptide most concentrated in the range of a certain molecular weight, more easily absorbed by human body; the three stage membrane filtration for desalination and concentration of the product, at room temperature, the collagen peptide as a low salt mother liquor, and at the same time concentrated collagen peptide, without any effect on the product, and solve the influence on collagen peptide concentrate; after combined process, the molecular weight of collagen peptide distribution at specified interval, liquor volume decreased by 70% compared with that before, clear and transparent liquid, spray drying Dry out of cost, color white, soluble in cold water, revolutionary progress. At present, it has been widely used in various factories. This technology is the first Hangzhou Rena membrane Engineering Co. ltd..

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