Cosmetic Effect Of Collagen Injection

- Sep 06, 2018 -

Although there are a lot of oral collagen products in life, there is no evidence that collagen can be taken orally for skin rejuvenation and beauty (it is commonly understood that collagen is broken down into other substances and is not the most useful for whitening and rejuvenating skin), so it is recommended that injections should be used for direct treatment. Think of the effect.

Collagen effect

Collagen is very important to the human body. In human skin composition, 70% is composed of collagen. When collagen is insufficient, not only skin and bone problems, but also adversely affect the internal organs. That is to say, collagen is an important component of maintaining normal physical activity. It is also a substance that keeps the body young and prevents aging.

Now the beauty seeker injected collagen wrinkle effect immediately, is a very ideal non-surgical wrinkle removal method. Collagen wrinkle removing is to increase the volume of skin tissue by supplementing collagen, so that damaged and aged skin fiber to restore compactness and elasticity, thereby smoothing wrinkles and sculpture perfect skin.

Collagen is a transparent substance consisting of three helical strands of fibers, which contain large amounts of amino acids and can lock water molecules strongly. In addition, hydroxyproline, a unique amino acid, has been shown to be the best way for pure collagen fibers to ensure the production of new collagen in the skin.

Collagen injection is a proven safe treatment for facial wrinkles, scars, or skin defects. The function of collagen is self-evident to the human body. Collagen cosmetic injection has a remarkable effect on the correction of wrinkles, depressions and scars of soft tissues in human face, and can make a fresh look.

Collagen is a high molecular protein, filamentous collagen fibers can keep the skin strong and elastic, so the use of collagen injection wrinkle removal effect is also recognized. Collagen therapy also induces the regeneration of dermal tissue by neonatal collagen. The newly implanted collagen is fully integrated into the dermis and is naturally absorbed like human collagen. It is safe to use without side effects.

Collagen rhytidectomy is a common method of new injection cosmetic rhytidectomy technology. It uses injected collagen to repair skin wrinkles, so as to remove wrinkles. The implanted collagen directly fills the defect of the dermis to fill the wrinkles immediately, and can be used to repair the contour of the face.

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