Fish Skin Collagen for Food and Cosmetics

- Jun 03, 2016 -

Fish skin Collagen application in food additive and cosmetic

Cosmetic Grade

1. Brighten the skin:  Fish skin collagen has good water-holding capacity which makes the skin hydra and glossy.

2.  Anti-wrinkling: Fish skin collagen can accelerate the dermis cell growth, activate skin cells,keep  skin's elasticity and the degree of strong, prevent wrinkles, make skin healthy and bright.

3.  Moisturizing: Fish skin collagen has a good affinity and compatibility. it can penetrate  penetrate into the skin epidermis layer and form the skin membrane, protect the skin, make the skin moisture and softness.
4. Maintenance: Fish skin collagen has a strong permeability to skin, can combined with the epithelial cells of the skin through  the corneous layer, improve the skin cell's metabolism, enhance the activity of the skin collagen.

Food Grade
1. After taking fish skin collagen, breast skin is maintained, elasticity, color and lustre is improved. the collagen fibers has the function of tightening the breast.The breast effects of oral fish skin collagen are not limited to increase the volume of a breast, more important is to lift sagging breasts and tighten sagging breasts
2. It can improve the physical and chemical properties, appearance, flavor of food. it is also a very good kind of antioxidant also it can also affect the meat tenderness .

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