High Protein Content Food Grade Fish Collagen Powder

- May 28, 2016 -

Food Grade Collagen

Hangzhou nutrition Biotechnology Co.,ltd is the collagen manufacturer, our company main production fish collagen powder, the collagen powder 1500-3000 dalton molecular weight, as the food supplement, It can be dissolved in water directly drinking, or add the drink, juice etc.


Our food grade fish collagen is abstracted from fish scales and fish skins, simulating the mechanism protein digestion in human body and using advanced directed enzymolysis biotechnology. Its protein content is above 95%, having 18 kinds amino acids, 7 kinds of which are essential for people. Our products are of high protein content, low ash and heavy metal content, small molecular weight, easy absorption and utilization, high biological value, promoting absorption of vitamins and minerals. Our product also can accommodate physiological function of human as directed enzymolysis technology releases a lot of biologic peptides hidden in big molecular collagen.


We have the ISO20002, HACCP, HALAL Certificate, Production specifications are in accordance with the GMP standards implementation.

We are now factories are built larger GMP workshops and laboratories, but also in the implementation of 5S rectification, for better guarantee product safety and quality. 

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