How replenish collagen? How Safe is Collagen ?

- Jun 02, 2016 -

How replenish collagen? How Safe is Collagen ?

Scientific research shows, To a certain age, especially the women, the collagen loss will become faster. to 25 years old, the loss is fastest. When this time, there will be some obvious features,like wrinkle, Dry skin, etc. so we need supplement the collagen to anti-wrinkle, Moisturizing and skin care. 

we can eat the containing collagen food to supplement collagen to our body,Such as drink is rich in collagen flesh soup. another way is Oral collagen supplements, like pure collagen powder, collagen drink, collagen tablet and collagen capsule, etc. 

HNB is the collagen manufacturer in China, main production is the fish collagen powder, the ram materail extract from tilapia and cod fish skin or scale, the protein content is more 95%, no Sodium. the Molecular weight 1500-3000da,the food grade collagen, Easy to absorb and Safety, eat and take convenience. is the best product to replenish collagen, and Safe without side effects.

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