Identification Standard Of Collagen

- Jul 13, 2017 -

Identification standard of collagen

1, appearance, odor, clarity

The existing level of technology, has been able to achieve close to collagen in the pure white color without using any bleaching agent; each extraction from collagen has its special smell, good to small collagen smell; pure powder warm water to open after the solution to clarify, free of impurities.

2, molecular weight

The molecular weight of collagen needs to be improved by the enzymatic process. The molecular weight is too large to be absorbed by human stomach. It is too small and meaningless. The molecular weight in 2000~~5000 is ideal for Dalton.

3. Sources of extraction

Collagen exists in animal skin, bone, capable of large-scale industrial extraction is generally include fish, skin or bones, no matter what kind of source of quality ingredients, if you have to list words (not adulterated production).

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