Source And Safety Index Of Collagen

- Jul 22, 2017 -

Source and safety index of collagen

2-1 extract collagen from the skin and bones of animals (pigs, cows, and more)

Because the animal from the extracted collagen in the absorption rate has certain limitations and with the mad cow disease, foot-and-mouth disease and avian influenza and other infectious disease for fear of such a traditional way out in the world in recent trends in fish collagen extraction.

2-2 collagen extracted from fish scales

At present the world scale collagen extracted from Tilapia mostly because tilapia grows mainly in high temperature fresh water and more tenacious vitality under the condition of artificial feeding growth rate much faster than the wild fish which can greatly reduce the cost of raw fish collagen extraction is currently more popular fish collagen.

2-3 collagen extracted from deep sea fish skin:

The skin collagen extracted from deep sea cod skin are mainly produced in the Arctic cod near the Pacific and North Atlantic cod food cold water is one of a migratory fish is also the world's largest annual catch of fish has an important economic value. Because deep sea cod has no risk of animal disease and artificial medicine residues in its safety, and contains its antifreeze proteins, it is now the most recognized fish collagen in all countries.

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