The Fabric Of Collagen

- Apr 25, 2017 -

The collagen triple helix A case of structure following composition

The unusual amino acid composition of collagen is unsuited for alpha helices or beta sheets, But it is ideally suited for the collagen triple helix; Much more extended than alpha helix, with a rise per residue of 2.9 Angstroms, 3.3 residues per turn long stretches of Gly-Pro-Pro/hyp.

The collagen monomer is a long cylindrical protein about 2800 a long and 14-15 a in diameter, it consists of three poly peptide chains wound around each other in a suprahetical fashion.

Collagen Cross-links, As animals age, collagen cross-links are conberted from a reducible from to a more stable nonreducible form

The number of cross-links in collagen also increases with increasing age. This is why meat older animals is older than that from younger animals, even though muscles from younger animals generally contain more collagen, in fish, the situation is very different.

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