The Influence Of Molecular Weight On Adsorption Of Collagen Peptides

- Mar 13, 2017 -

The effect of hydroxylation of prolin on the content of hydroxyproline in blood and urea was studied with rat, Then, the effect of molecular weight range of peptide on the adsorption in rat were investigated by using peptide with mean MW of 1kDa (CP1), 3KCDa(CP2), and 20kDa(CP3).

The result indicated that the CP1 and CP2 showed higher adsorption rate than CP3, and CP1 showed higher adsorption rate than CP2. The experiments were repeated with rat model of gastritis. It was found CP3 showed less adsorption rate than CP1 and CP2 caused by the low digestion in stomach. However, the effect of low molecular weight peptides digestion in stom- ach on the adsorption in rat was not obvious.





HNB collagen peptide MW Molecular weight is in 1500-3000 Dalton, 5 minutes can be absorbed by the body, Enter the bloodstream.


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