The Main Function And Function Of Collagen

- Aug 19, 2017 -

The main function and function of collagen

Collagen in human skin accounted for 72%, of which leather accounted for 80%. Collagen can lock moisture, support cells, make the cells plump and full of water, so that the skin looks elastic, delicate and smooth.

The effect of collagen on beauty and skin care

Collagen is an important raw material for repairing damaged tissues. When the collagen in the cortex is oxidized and broken, the supporting effect on the epidermis disappears, resulting in uneven collapse, resulting in wrinkles. Now, the small molecular collagen as a cosmetic material effectively, can moisten the skin, give the smooth feel, so it is called "the bone of the bone and skin in the skin, flesh of flesh", can be said to be the strong backing of the dermis, the skin effect is self-evident. Collagen protein is added to skin care cosmetics and has good compatibility with other raw materials, which is effective for repairing damaged skin. Oral pure collagen, 1 months later, the skin becomes delicate, lubrication, fine wrinkles to get a good stretch, skin whitening.

How to replenish collagen

1, oral collagen containing foods

Meat soup, oral collagen, supplements and so on belong to collagen food. But because the digestive system will filter out a large part, and can really reach the skin, and the amount of action is very limited.

2 、 direct subcutaneous injection

Mainly used to fill the deep wrinkles, skin damage caused by defects (such as acne scar) and repair facial defects. The effect is immediate, but the collagen injected into the skin will be absorbed by the body gradually, so it can only last six months to a year, and a small number of people may suffer side effects such as allergies and infections.

3 、 oral small molecule collagen peptide

This is the most mature and most effective method to supplement collagen, but it is important to note that the best is a small molecule collagen peptide natural without added (the molecular weight less than 1000 Dalton), can really help to repair the skin into dermis, collagen layer reconstruction.

Collagen peptide for population:

1, due to work fatigue, lack of sleep, the formation of dark skin, no light, yellowing, skin elasticity and other skin aging bad symptoms.

2, due to age, solar radiation factors caused by skin relaxation, sagging, wrinkles, dry and other skin aging phenomenon.

3, because the body abnormal melanin secretion exuberant, a large number of deposition of skin surface, the skin can not and the times thanks to abnormal melanin, forming a variety of stains. Such as color spots, chloasma, freckles, early senile plaques, etc..

4, due to long-term outdoor activities and improper skin care, skin damage, premature fine lines, dry skin, peeling, redness and swelling, and other symptoms of coarse pores and other symptoms.

5, due to endocrine dysfunction, poor skin, skin, hair oil, dark, long acne, leaving the color print, pigmentation and so on.

6, due to irregular living, smoking and other factors, resulting in dark circles, bags under the eyes and other issues.

7, long-term computer work, computer radiation cause hair loss, endocrine disorders.

8, due to the use of inferior cosmetics or hormones and other products caused by the skin easily allergic, blackhead intensive, large areas of skin death.

Selection criteria of collagen

One: oral collagen molecular weight requirements

The most easily absorbed are 500-1000 Dalton collagen products, and the molecular weight is too large or too small to be the ideal product.

Two: choose food grade collagen

Collagen has injection, cosmetic grade (mainly used for moisturizing) and food grade, and their difference is whether the component is collagen or collagen peptide. So, before you choose collagen, be sure to ask.

Three: choose pure collagen products without additives

Food additives as long as in line with national food related laws and regulations, harmless to the human body can be added, but harmless to the human body does not mean good, we recommend the use of pure collagen.

Four: collagen, oral liquid, tablets, capsules choice

The choice of collagen tablets and capsules and powder products is in fact a matter of product form. It is good to choose the appropriate product form according to your preference. Among them, the purity of the powder is relatively high, more appropriate choice.

When the body's collagen is insufficient, not only the skin will become intense darkness without light health will also appear. Therefore, collagen is an essential component to maintain normal physical activity. It helps keep your body young, prevent aging and improve your health. It's good for your beauty and health.

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