The Role Of Collagen

- Jul 26, 2017 -

The role of collagen

Lock water storage: long-acting oligo peptide collagen LOC elastic net, three-dimensional lock water system will be three-dimensional for 12 hours, release a large number of water locking groups, firmly lock the body's supply of moisture, forming "dermal reservoir"".

Wrinkle resistance: collagen repair, fracture, aging elastic fiber network, reorganization of the skin structure, stretch wrinkles; in addition, the elimination of free radicals in the body, anti-oxidation, slow down skin aging.

Smooth fine lines, eliminate red blood: collagen into the dermis, can quickly fill the collapsed tissue, tighten the skin, enhance elasticity, heal fine lines, prevent and eliminate red blood.

Spot freckle: collagen can make cell connection more closely, speed up metabolism, promote dead skin shedding, prevent melanin deposition, make skin pale and pale.

Whitening skin: collagen can inhibit the production of melanin, prevent melanin deposition, so as to achieve the purpose of whitening.

Repair dark circles, bags under the eyes: promote the skin around the eye microcirculation, strengthen the eye skin metabolism, so that its moisture, water conservation, improve bags under the eyes and dark circles.

Bodybuilding breast: collagen is the main component of connective tissue and elastin and proteoglycans interwoven into the mesh structure has certain mechanical strength to support from the breast to breast tall, plump and elastic.

Birth and postoperative healing: platelets contact with collagen, produce biochemical reactions, produce blood fibers, stop wounds, and stimulate cell division, proliferation and differentiation, repair damaged cells and heal wounds.

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