There Are Two Possible Ways To Contain Hormones In Collagen

- Sep 15, 2018 -

1, the use of small metering, but you can see the effect. The body loses about 4 g of collagen a day. If you want to prevent aging and maintain the status quo, the amount of collagen that can be regenerated every day at least needs to be 4 G. If you want to achieve significant improvement, the total amount of collagen needed to regenerate in vivo needs more than 4G per day. In 2013, the state reported that the synthesis rate of ordinary collagen in the human body is very low, that is to say, oral 4 grams of collagen a day, the real synthesis may be only a few percent. In such cases, if a small daily dose is effective, the user should consider whether to add other substances.

2. Sources of collagen materials? Hormones are likely to be used in both terrestrial animals and aquaculture fish, and there is a risk of hormone residues in such raw materials. There is no technical certification for the isolation of residual hormones.

ACMETEA Repair Collagen Solution: Select Alaska 3 km below the wild deep-sea cod as collagen raw material, away from artificial breeding and hormone problems.


Collagen particles below 1000D need to be absorbed through gastric juice digestion. Collagen is broken down into eighteen amino acids in the process of digestion, and then enters the body. That is to say, collagen does not exist when it enters the body through gastric juice digestion. In 2013, the National Institutes of Health (NHS) clarified the absorption rate of collagen in the human body in major media, and the regeneration rate of collagen digested in gastric juice could not be verified.

Synthesis rate

The synthesis of collagen in vivo can not be separated from the cooperation of active vitamin C. Proline hydroxylation requires active vitamin C to participate in the synthesis of collagen, so active VC deficiency collagen can not be synthesized normally, resulting in cell junction disorders.

Regeneration rate

Collagen regeneration is a very complex process. It is necessary to activate cell regeneration through collagen absorption, collagen synthesis, collagen penetration through cell wall, which can not be accomplished by collagen alone.

Equilibrium and stability

Collagen and hyaluronic acid, like twins, are reticular fibers. Hyaluronic acid moisturizing factor is an important material that fills the gap between reticular fibers and supports the fullness and roundness of collagen fibers. The two components are mutual existence, relatively balanced and stable, indispensable. At present, no hyaluronic acid, which is directly orally taken at home and abroad, can verify that it can produce hyaluronic acid and moisturizing factor.

Amino acid marker

Leading to superamino acids in vivo

Collagen is made up of a variety of amino acids, our dietary protein is also made up of a variety of amino acids, two kinds of nutritional amino acids are the same, if a large number of supplemental collagen eggs at the same time on the diet protein intake control, will cause individual amino acid overlap, will increase the burden on the organs Breaking the kidneys will cause symptoms such as protein allergy, dizziness, nausea, chest tightness, shortness of breath and so on.

Collagen side effect seven: collagen metabolism residues cause body fat.

In the process of supplementing collagen, some collagen molecules will produce new collagen fibers and some will remain in the body waiting for metabolism. The collagen substances with large molecular particles are not easily metabolized out of the body through urine and sweat, and are easy to stay in the body resulting in the accumulation of residual amino acids in collagen. Large collagen is not separated by cholesterol, and eventually converted to fat, which causes the body to gain weight.

Rough machining

Rough processing collagen is easy to cause skin allergy. High standards of collagen, in the purification process, allergic substances need to be desensitized filtration, in collagen, such as fish collagen, seafood allergies in the population without desensitization optimization, oral fish collagen is easy to allergic.

Excessive intake

Kidney burden

During taking collagen, we should reduce the intake of food protein in daily life. Excessive intake of protein will cause kidney burden. Excessive intake of protein is not only a waste, but also harmful to human body. Protein in the body decomposition products more, ammonia, ketoacid and urea on the human body will have side effects, not only increase the burden of liver and kidney, but also easy to cause indigestion, long-term past, affect liver and kidney function, resulting in emaciation and low immune function. During the use of ACMETEA reparative collagen, every user must be strictly required to take orally collagen while reducing the total dietary protein content, such as milk, eggs and beans products lean meat strictly prohibited protein exceeding the standard, every three months collagen stopped use for two weeks, as residual amino acid metabolism.

Gout patients and hyperthyroidism

Patients with gout should eat a low purine diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, drink more water, eat more alkaline food, alkalize urine, and avoid alcoholic beverages. Collagen itself is type I collagen, and the protein in food is also type I collagen. So gout patients taking ordinary collagen will aggravate the condition.


In the process of supplementing collagen, Bird's nest and Tremella fuciformis contain no collagen but food gelatin. Collagen exists in animals. It is unscientific to take up collagen by feeding on collagen shark fin, sea cucumber and meat. Because collagen needs long-term supplement, collagen and cholesterol coexist in food, so people who eat collagen for a long time will easily cause cholesterol accumulation and eat. It is not scientific to supplement collagen protein to achieve the purpose of anti-aging because the probability of collagen molecular particles being too large is very small in human body.

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