What Is Collagen Peptide?

- Jul 26, 2017 -

Collagen difference

Collagen can be divided into: collagen molecules and small molecules collagen peptide, glial usually we eat pig's trotters, which contains collagen but it is a macromolecular protein, its molecular weight was 300 thousand more than Dalton, and not by direct absorption of the human body and the absorption rate is very low; and by alkali and enzyme digestion technology to molecular weight control in 6000 Dalton within the collagen, called collagen peptide is between amino acids and protein substances, a plurality of peptide bonds to form a peptide to form two or more amino acid dehydration condensation, multiple peptide multistage folding on the formation of a protein molecule. Peptides are accurate protein fragments, whose molecules are only nanometer size, and are easily absorbed by the stomach, blood vessels and skin, and their absorption rate is much higher than that of macromolecular proteins.

Collagen properties

The molecular weight of 6000 Dalton collagen peptide, and divided into 1000-6000 Dalton protein peptide and 1000 Dalton within the protein peptide. The number of amino acid containing peptide in general is two to nine according to the number of peptide amino acids in different have different names: the compound consists of two amino acids and dehydration condensation called two peptide peptide, four and three on the five peptides, peptide peptide compounds until nine; usually consists of 10~50 amino acid molecules a peptide called dehydration condensation.

Absorption and technology

Oligopeptides and peptides can be absorbed directly by the body, while peptides are not Agar1953 confirmed the complete double peptide in rat intestinal epithelial transport, but influenced by the traditional theory of protein digestion and absorption, the scholars of other means of absorption is not easy to accept, until 1960s, Newey and Smyth (19591960) provided the first complete absorption of the peptide was confirmed by molecular data, the exact amount can be complete into the intestinal mucosa cells in 1000 Dalton peptide within the industry, so slowly accept the objective fact is complete peptide absorption. In 1995 China professor Le Guowei for intestinal infusion of casein hydrolysate after oligopeptide by HPLC detection of oligopeptide results showed that hepatic portal vein blood and intestinal contents appeared in the same peptide peptide can infer the chicken intestinal absorption complete and can enter the blood circulation. Second perfusion casein peptide hydrolysate after HPLC detection showed that peptides of hepatic portal vein blood and intestinal contents only appeared a small amount of this peptide showed that the peptide into the body to break up into oligopeptides can be absorbed by the body so that the relative oligopeptide greatly reduces its absorption rate. A large number of clinical trials have proved that the transport of oligopeptide in human body is much better than that in poultry, and the absorption rate of oligo peptide is 39.6% higher than that in poultry. Once again confirmed that the peptide can not pass through the gastrointestinal digestion, liver strong absorption greatly reduce the burden of the liver, gastrointestinal greatly improve the bioavailability; synthetic peptides can be directly involved in human collagen without decomposition into amino acid and polypeptide play a role is not up to the.

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