What Is The Best Time To Eat Collagen?

- Jun 15, 2016 -

What is the best time to eat collagen?

Best use of age collagen

We recommend that women from the age of 25 started taking collagen protein, so that it can promote the synthesis of collagen and regeneration of the body as soon as possible to re-fill the structure of the dermis, it make the protein content within the skin lasting balance, For bone health in the elderly, we recommend that from the age of 40 edible collagen, can effectively prevent osteoporosis, effective way to boost bone health.

The best time of eat collagen

In the morning, or take one to two hours before bedtime, help the body's absorption of collagen, to achieve the best absorption value.

Edible collagen, food grade collagen powder, we recommend that HNB collagen powder in can, 180g/can, One day a spoonful.

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