Why fish collagen is better than porcine collagen?

- Jun 07, 2016 -

There are mainly two different types of collagen ingredients; animal extracts and fish extracts.

Animal extract collagen is mostly absorbed from cow and chicken, and especially from pig .You can easily get animal collagen extracted from pigskin the most in local markets.

Fish collagen extracted from cod/tilapia fish skin or scale.

Raw material prices can be described as follows: Natural Fish Skin → Cultivated Pig Skin <Chicken Skin <Cultured Scales. The higher the raw material price is, the higher the quality will be. You must check whether the market price of the collagen supplement corresponds to the material price or not.Marine collagen supplements made by natural fish skin costs a bit more expensive than other supplement products in the market.

According to research, animal collagen is one seventh inferior to fish collagen when broken down by molecular weight. Thus, fish collagen is seven times more capable of breaking down collagen to be absorbed than collagen from pigskin. It is well known that pork is more difficult to digest than fish. Collagen works in the same way.

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